It begins with a visit

campus aerialMany who have come to our beautiful campus, met with staff members, sat in our classrooms and seen our school in action tell us it was the visit that prompted them to apply. "It felt right," is a comment we often hear.

Schedule your visit by contacting the school office; observe a class, visit the Learning Center, the Art Space, the dining hall and the gym. We want you to know about us and we genuinely want to know how we can best serve your family.

Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School is a place like no other. Situated in a verdant farming valley and surrounded by river, hills and nursery farms, the 12-acre campus was once a family farm and is still zoned for agriculture. It is an ideal and idyllic setting for a school.

Walking the campus will give you a feeling for the school that you can't get in any other way. The tour will include a walk through buildings and a visual description of our program. Along the way you may meet staff members, students and parents. You will see how some buildings have been transformed from dormitories to classrooms. You will see new technology being implemented. You will come to appreciate the passion of those who have freely given of their time, talent and resources to make this school possible.

Tours are arranged by appointment. Call our office to schedule yours today: 503-359-4853.