The Forest Hills Program

The academic curriculum includes all elementary and middle school subjects taught in a traditional classroom format. In addition, the program includes a formal Christian studies program based on God's Word, the Bible. Current textbooks and related materials are utilized as the content of the curriculum. Subject matter content is summarized here.

The Basic Subjects

Christian Studies
Bible stories and Bible teachings are the basis for the One in Christ curriculum, which is published for Christian schools by Concordia Publishing House. Singing, praying, memorizing, discussing, and applying the truths of Scripture are related class activities. Students and staff participate in the Wednesday morning chapel service each week.

Language Arts
Effective communication is the goal of our language arts program. Students learn basic reading skills through their study of words, word structure and a wide variety of other approaches. A rich selection of appropriate literature is provided for reading practice. Writing is an important part of the process and many opportunities for writing are part of the program. Students also learn to communicate orally.

Hands-on manipulative activities facilitate conceptual development at all grade levels, which is reinforced through paper and pencil activities of the basic textbook. The math curriculum reflects the current thinking of math educators with an emphasis on class instruction and interaction. Middle school students utilize the Singapore Math program.

Social Studies
A progressive approach leads the student through an expanding world from the neighborhood, to the community, to the state, and eventually to the world. The program integrates history, geography, economics, government, and citizenship. Primary students participate in a three year thematic study which includes social studies and science themes.

Forest Hills students experience science through an activity-based program beginning in kindergarten. It continues with units of study through the fifth grade. The middle school curriculum includes courses in life, earth and physical science using the FOSS (Full Option Science System).

The "Specials"

Physical Education
Daily recesses and twice-weekly physical education classes involve all students in physical activity and are led by a P.E. teacher. Outdoor playfields and the school gym are used for this program.

Music instruction is led by a specialist in the primary grades. Band instruction is offered to 4th - 8th graders. Third graders also learn to play recorders. Students of 4th - 8th grades may also participate on handbell teams as part of the music program. Choir is offered to students of grades 6-8 as a fine arts elective.


Weekly, formal art instruction involves all classes and students at Forest Hills. Art activities are also integrated into various subject areas. The art classroom is housed in the Primary Building.

Primary students are learning Spanish in conjunction with their twice weekly music classes.


Technology is integrated across the grade levels. Primary students utilize iPads to extend learning. Intermediate grade students have access to a fully-equipped computer lab in their building. Middle school students are each equipped with a Chromebook laptop which they carry from class to class and utilize for homework.

Students in grades K-5 spend time each week in the school library, listening and browsing through the school's book collection. Upper grade students write a major research paper in their Writing class and utilize the book collection of the public library.

Extra Help
Forest Hills cooperates with local school districts through and utilizes funds to provide special reading assistance to qualified students in K-5. Some additional assistance is available to students with special needs.