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The sections in this page include information about the day to day activities and expectations involving students and staff. Many additional items are covered in the Parent & Student Handbook, available as a downloadable document.

The best lunches are served here. . .

lunchroomAll Forest Hills students eat lunch in the dining hall at school.  They have the option of bringing their own lunch from home, or buying a school lunch which is prepared fresh on Monday thru Friday in the school's kitchen. 

Lunches are ordered a month in advance with a menu sent home with the Friday Family Folder.  A copy of the menu is available below as a download. 

Milk can be purchased on a school year basis and is served every day.  Students have the option of bringing a beverage from home. Microwave ovens are available in the lunchroom to heat foods brought from home.

Thanks to the many parents who volunteer to be lunch helpers!

Current and recent lunch menus:

September 2018

October 2018

Our lunchroom workers include these members of the staff, with volunteer assistance from parents and friends of the school:

lunch workers

Guidelines for Dress

young pilgrimForest Hills students are expected to be neat and well groomed. Their clothing should be in good taste forschool living, worn in the generally accepted manner, and be modest, inoffensive and safe.

The following guidelines apply equally to all students regardless of age, gender, stature, physical attributes or other unique characteristics unless specified differently. Clothing is used as a general term that includes jewelry, hair, footwear and other body adornment.

1. All clothing must allow the students to be safe, comfortable, neat, and suitably modest while carrying on the normal school activities.

2. Tops, shirts and dresses must have sleeves or worn under a top which does have sleeves.

3. Midriffs must not be visible when the student’s arms are raised straight up above the student’s head. Backs must not be visible when the student is seated.

4. Shirt or sweater necklines must be suitably modest.

5. Pants or jeans must be fitted properly around the waist so that undergarments are not visible. Pants which fall down or which drag on the ground must be belted so they stay up or they should not be worn.

6. Shorts and skirts are to be at least as long as the fingertips when arms are held at the side. Shorts must be hemmed.

7. Caps and hats are to be worn outdoors.

8. Shoes must be properly laced and tied. Shoes must be worn at all times. Gym shoes with backs are required for P.E. classes.

9. These items of clothing should be left at home:

  • Footwear with slippery soles, flip-flops, shower shoes and shoes with marking soles.
  • Clothing that is ripped, torn, frayed or dirty.
  • Clothing which has words, logos, phrases symbols, pictures which contradict or mock what Christians profess. Clothing with symbols and/or names promoting liquor, beer, tobacco, drugs or other controversial products.
  • Chains, spikes and other jewelry which might be considered “counter-cultural”.

10. Grooming should reflect care and consideration of others:

  • Hair should be clean, neat, combed or brushed and appropriately styled. Hair coloring must be within the range of natural hair colors.
  • Girls may wear earrings.  Other pierced jewelry is not appropriate for boys or girls.
  • Permanent tattoos are not permitted. Temporary tattoos are discouraged.

google calendarAn annual calendar is published after it has been adopted in the Spring of the preceding school year. Forest Hills maintains a Google calendar which lists all annual items as well as monthly special events, games, field trips and staff birthdays.

The 2018-19 School Calendar is available here as a download. It shows the various holidays and terms of the year.


Doors open at 7:00 a.m. for the Before School program and students head for class at 8:00 a.m.  There is opportunity for studying, quiet socializing, reading and playing games with others who arrive early.

In the After School program students like to go outside and play, adventure and find new things.  Following a free-play time outside, students come in for snack and then go straight into Quiet Time when students who have homework work on it. If they do not have homework they can read, color, draw, play a very quiet game while the rest of the class finishes their homework.  Depending on the day students might go back outside, paint, do a craft, watch a movie, or play a game.

After School Care opens at 3:00 p.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m.  The cost for both programs is calculated on an hourly basis and parents who wish to use the program are asked to complete a registration form at the beginning of the school year.


Making Disciples

chapelEach Wednesday morning at 8:20 am the students and faculty of Forest Hills gather across the parking lot at St. Peter's Lutheran Church for chapel. Parents and friends of the school are invited to participate. Chapel is a time for singing, listening, learning, praying and celebrating around a weekly message. The messages are presented by various pastors, teachers and ministers from the congregations of the Westside Lutheran School Association. A weekly chapel offering is collected at the door and designated for some project here in the community or to some mission organization.

Pastor Nick Koschmann of Mt. Olive Lutheran Church is the school's chaplain who coordinates the chapel program.

Students at Forest Hills have many opportunities to develop leadership skills. Classes are paired for "buddy activities" throughout the school year. Older students have led fundraising efforts to help people fight malaria. Others have taken trips to Washington D.C. and New York City. Some work on a school newspaper.

Students also serve at school and in the community. They have visited the elderly and delivered gifts to a local children's hospital. Classes are paired with one of the 7 congregations which own the school. Christmas families benefit as classrooms partner to provide gifts. Middle school students serve dinner at the local Home Plate facility each month. Other students help with delivery of "meals on wheels" as a community outreach. Younger students have assisted with campus cleanups.