Your Support is Vital to Forest Hills!

donate button Welcome! Thank you for visiting this section of the school's website. Our staff is here to assist you in a most personal and confidential manner with your philanthropic objectives for our remarkable school and its program

The dedicated community and outstanding reputation that surround Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School is not possible without the loyal and rich support of our Association congregations, school parents and their families, alumni and friends throughout the greater Portland area.

Forest Hills has been providing a rich educational and spiritual experience to students for the past 20 years. What began as a humble venture of faith has now blossomed into an expanding program on a beautiful campus in a growing community. We want to ensure that this program will be available to future generations as it brings meaning and purpose to students of the 21st century.

Your gifts ensure that each and every person receives the best resources necessary for the best in Christian education. Your gift will help keep this program affordable for those who enroll their students here and we want you to know that the staff, the Board, the families and the students deeply appreciate the many ways in which our donors contribute to the life and promising future of Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School.

If you are reading this as one of our loyal supporters, know that we are thankful for you and your gifts. If you are here for the first time, welcome! We are grateful for your interest and hope that you will decide to contact and support our ministry. The sections below describe in detail some of our efforts to "bridge the gap" between what it costs and what parents pay for the education of their children.

Our Partners in Ministry

Forest Hills is in partnership with a variety of groups, individuals, and organizations. There are mutual benefits for these relationships and the mission of "building the Kingdom of God through Christian education" is enhanced greatly.

These seven congregations comprise the Westside Lutheran School Association which owns and operates FHLCS. See the organization page for more information or click on the church name to see the respective website.

Forest Hills is one of many Lutheran schools in the U.S. It partners with a national and regional church organization and affiliated entities.

These businesses stepped up as sponsors for the 2016 Forest Hills Auction, held on April 23, 2016. Sincere thanks for their generous support! Click on a name to go to respective websites.

Local business support is important for a school seeking to serve families with an affordable Christian education for their child. The businesses on the list have provided services and/or products to the school in a supportive manner. Please give them consideration as you seek the services they provide. Website links are provided if available.


Support Events and Programs

Several programs present additional opportunities for support to Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School. Click on an item for additional information.

auction logoThe FHLCS Auction keeps tuition affordable to our families by making up the difference or gap in educating each child. You may have heard that it costs approx. $7,700 per year to provide a Christian Education to one student at FHLCS. Tuition covers about $6,000 of these expenses. Events like our annual auction help make up the difference, which in turn, enables the school to move forward bringing its SPIRIT to more children, families, and community in need of what Forest Hills’ program offers.

Scrip Center

scrip logo Scrip is just like cash in certificate or gift card format.  There is no additional cost for merchandise or services to the consumer but Forest Hills benefits from your purchases as merchants pass along a percentage of the funds received from Scrip sales to the school. 

The profit from our Scrip earnings is split 75/25, with the school getting 75% of the profit as a year-round fundraiser and families getting 25%, which is applied to their tuition account.

To purchase Scrip, go to the website below and following directions on the site: 

• Shop with Scrip (order Scrip here)

Shopping at Amazon

Online shoppers are encouraged to use the Amazon Smile connection below to place online orders with this company. Forest Hills will receive .5% of the value of the order, which does not affect the purchase price or shipping cost of the item(s).

Amazon smile


donate button Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School is a charitable institution under the umbrella of the Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School Association, a 501(c)(3) organization. Gifts are entirely tax deductible.

Forest Hills has in the past been the recipient of gifts large and small. Larger gifts have been used as trusts for designated purposes including buildings, financial aid and staff development. Other gifts have been used to support the annual budget of the school.

Ten Reasons to Invest in Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School

1. Your gift helps bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost to educate students.

2. Gifts to Forest Hills enable students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to attend.

3. Your gift helps Forest Hills to attract and retain excellent faculty members.

4. Your gift ensures that Forest Hills will be able to continue to challenge preschool through 8th grade students from a Christian perspective.

5. Your gift helps Forest Hills maintain the mission of the school: Building the Kingdom of God through Christian Education.

6. Your gift may be designated to a specific interest you have.

7. You believe in Forest Hills Lutheran Christian School and want to support its ministry.

8. The Scriptures calls us to be generous and cheerful givers.

9. Many corporations, foundations and outside donors base their support on participation percentages of the Board, current faculty/staff, current families and alumni.

10. Your gift is tax-deductible.